Polski Zwiazek Gluchych Oddzial Lodzki (Polish Association of the Deaf Lodz Department) is a non-governmental organization part of the Polish Association of the Deaf established back in 1946. PZG OL employs 30 professionals and has more than 850 members. The main goal of the association, that hasn’t change for decades, is to unite the deaf and hard of hearing and to support them in any way they need, trying to keep up with the changing reality and adapting the available forms of assistance to it. Also, PZG OL tries to support its members in all matters of life like basic skills, human rights, and act for equal developmental, educational, occupational and social opportunities. As a regional department of the countrywide association, PZG OL realises its tasks and projects not only in Łódz region, but also all over the country.

The specific fields of interests are: vocational inclusion of deaf people (increasing chance to get the job by several means of support), sign language interpreters’ support, social service, support for hearing parents of deaf children, influencing education system of the deaf, influencing public sphere so that it would be accessible for deaf people. In pursuing their statutory goals, PZG OŁ cooperates with government and local administration, research and scientific institutions, agencies of health, education, culture, tourism ministries, with associations, foundations and institutes supporting its activities.

PZG OL has 8 field centres in Łódź region. They gather deaf and hard of hearing from smaller cities and villages trying to help them by assisting while looking for occupation or by providing translation from or to sign language.


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