The Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria is a national non-profit organization of citizens with hearing impairments. UDB was established back in 1934 with the aim of uniting all deaf people and defending their right to work and to decent life. With over 80 years of history the organization is among the longest-living for persons with disabilities in the country. The main objectives of the organization include removing the existing prejudice against people with impaired hearing in the society as a whole, supporting the creation of cooperative workshops in order to ensure appropriate and consistent work for deaf people, training them and integrate them into society as full members.

To date UDB has more than 6500 members with hearing impairments organized into 12 regional organizations in major Bulgarian cities in all country regions.

UDB activities are performed in 54 day care centers for communication and social integration, covering 240 municipalities in Bulgaria.

UDB also has its printed edition - newspaper "Silence", but also gestural translation of news broadcasts. One of the main UDB activities is the promotion of national and international sign language, as a tool for communication between the hearing impaired and the social environment.

UDB also operates:

  1. Offices of Social Services located in 12 regional organizations to UDB
  2. Daily center for communications, social rehabilitation and integration of persons with impaired hearing
  3. Center for Hearing Impaired Children under 3 years of age and those with cochlear implants
  4. Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation of deaf children with cochlear implants.

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