Public Institution Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre (VRC) was established in 2000 by the Government of Lithuania. The mission of VRC is to provide constant improvement and development in medical, vocational and social rehabilitation services for people with disabilities within the organization and nationwide, seek for them to reach full and equal participation in public life and integration into society and better quality of life.

Over 100 VRC staff members provide vocational rehabilitation, medical rehabilitation, vocational training and driving school services for people with severe and moderate disabilities in Lithuania. Every year more than 700 service users benefit from the services provided in the Vilnius and Kaunas locations.

Since 2010 VRC has a formal status of a national methodological centre for vocational rehabilitation. VRC works intensively in developing the methodological framework of vocational rehabilitation services, especially in finding out which instruments are the best for different target groups. VRC actively organizes training seminars for different groups of specialists providing vocational rehabilitation services, conducts researches, etc. Workers at VRC are experienced lecturers who are specially trained as trainers to teach other professionals how to use different instruments.

There are more than 25 vocational training programmes in the Center in three main fields – business and administration; handicrafts and ICT.

Since 2006, VRC has been certified with the ISO 9000:2008/LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements, and since 2008 with the EQUASS Excellence quality mark. VRC also acts as a local license holder for the EQUASS Assurance in Lithuania.

VRC is an associate member of an international association, the European Platform for Rehabilitation.


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