A meeting of partners working together on the project entitled "ProHear - improving the employability of the people with hearing impairments" took place on April 24-26 in Reykjavik, Island. The project is implemented under the Erasmus+ programme.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Heyrnar- og talmeinastöð Íslands (HTI), the National Institute of Hearing and Speech in Iceland.


During the meeting, the results of research carried out in the partner countries on the conditions and problems related to the employability of the hearing impaired were discussed. The partners discussed the next stages of the  project, including development of innovative training and methodological materials for the hearing impaired, which will help them acquire knowledge and skills that will be helpful in the process of getting a job. During the meeting, further steps related to the creation of an educational platform supporting the process of professional development were also discussed. Partners confirmed also the plans for the organization of Information Days in each of the partner countries, during which hearing-impaired people can get detailed information on how to use the project results to their benefit.








After the fruitful discussions, thanks to the hospitability of the meeting organizer the participants had a chance to see breath-taking views of Islanding nature with beautiful waterfalls and geysers.