According to the schedule, the Project Information Day was scheduled for 30 June 2018. Due to the conference organized in June by SAN (Project Leader) combined with the Career Fair, partners (SAN and PZG) decided that from the project promotion point of view, the presentation of the project objectives during such a large event will be a very good idea. Therefore, the Information Day was held in SAN on June 7, 2018 as a part of the Career Lifelong Learning conference.
Throughout the conference, Dr Małgorzata Klimka-Kołysko presented a lecture entitled "Career guidance in the perspective of educational and professional development" during which she presented the objectives of the ProHear project.

As an addition to the event PZG organized a simulation game called the City of Deaf, and as a part of the presentation of the game, the project coordinator talked about the objectives of the Pro Hear project and presented the summary of the results of conducted surveys and desk research.

On June 30, 2018, the second Project Info Day took place in Łódź. The meeting was open, in which all persons interested in the subject of professional activation of people with hearing impairment could take part. Various specialists have been invited to participate in the event, among others career counselors, job coaches, pedagogues as well as parents of children with hearing impairments.

During the meeting, the project objectives and also the results of the national report were presented.

The Info Day also hosted the lecture "How to lead a professional development of a deaf child”
In order to ensure participation in a lecture for all parents of deaf children, for the youngest was organized the picnic with games and animations. Children could spend time in an interesting way under the supervision of children's caretakers while parents could participate in the lecture.

The lecture was conducted by dr Magdalena Dunaj, vocational counsellor, anti-discriminatory trainer.

It was an eventful day and left us with lots of interesting insights from the participants. Many emotions among parents aroused after a lecture about how to lead a child's professional development. Parents showed a great interest in learning a new information which led to a lively discussion that followed the lecture. Lots of parents were eager to share their own experience with other parents.

The children after participate in various sensory play activities returned to homes with their hands and socks in the colours of the rainbow and with their as faces painted like cats, dogs, tigers and butterflies.