On May 17, 2019 the ProHear project was presented during the Multiplier Event organised by SAN in Łódź entitled “Cooperation and rules of dealing with people with hearing disabilities”. The event was divided into theoretical part showing the ProHear Project outputs and training allowing the people working in penitentiary units to learn how to deal with deaf people and how to improve the communication with arrested or convicted with hearing disabilities. They were provided with the Guide for the staff working with deaf people, the ProHear project presentation and the Summary of the project results. Additionally they were equipped with a mini phrase book for prison staff.

The seminar was addressed to People from the penitentiary units, custodies and prisons, in the Lodz voivodship having trouble with communication when having the deaf people among arrested and convicted

The meeting was attended by 23 people from Lodz. Most of them were prisons workers and custodies from Lodz voivodship. The participants of the workshop in everyday life face the lack of capabilities in communication with deaf prisoners or detainees

The meeting lasted 6 hours.

Participants of the meeting, apart from substantive knowledge, could participate in practical communication workshops with a deaf person.