The final results of the FLOURISH project are here!


The project “Facilitating Organisational Innovation - FLOURISH”, ref. 2018-1-BG01-KA202-048014, was a 2-year Erasmus+ funded project with main goal to support the uptake of organisational innovation by SMEs across Europe through the development, piloting and implementation of a holistic innovation coaching methodology using a multilevel approach - individual, group and organizational. The project objective was achieved through the development of a holistic training course, available as open educational resources in the field of organizational innovation for European SMEs:

The FLOURISH Organisational Innovation Coach Profile for SMEs describes the importance of coaching for the development of innovation at SMEs, determines who the innovation coach is, defines the tasks and responsibilities of the innovation coach and the respective knowledge, skills and competences an innovation coach should have.

The FLOURISH Curriculum describes in detail the overall course design for training of Organisational Innovation Coaches for SMEs, including training sessions, session objectives and intended learning outcomes, class layout, procedures and timings. The FLOURISH course consists of 3 modules: 1) Diagnosis; 2) Training the Facilitators; 3) Organisational Forum.

The FLOURISH Manual for Learners is a supporting document for the FLOURISH Course, detailing the concepts and terms used in the course, the content of each module, proposing activities and structuring ways of knowledge evaluation.

The FLOURISH Educational Video serves the purpose of refresher training, aimed at recalling and reinforcing the knowledge and skills acquired during the FLOURISH training course. The video is available with subtitles in 13 languages (EN, BG, PL, HU, PT, LT, DE, FI, ES, HR, RU, RS, UA) on the project website and in the project YouTube channel.

The FLOURISH Guide for VET Providers is a focused methodological document aimed at supporting VET providers in the process of using the innovative training content developed under the FLOURISH project as part of the training services offered.

The FLOURISH Compendium of Good Practices presents 23 good and proven examples for organisational innovation in SMEs of various industries, sizes and age, which can be used as a source of inspiration for SMEs and as examples during the FLOURISH training. The collected practices led to positive and sustainable results for the companies implementing them and the successful experience can be transferred to other organizations and contexts.

All project results can be found on the project website:


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