On December 4, 2019, in sunny Lodz, the 5th and last international meeting of the Erasmus + ProHear project took place at the headquarters of the Social Academy of Sciences. Partners from Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and Iceland summarized the results of activities developed as part of two-year cooperation, discussed all disseminated events promoting the project, and planned preparations for the final report. In the period from 1/11/2017 to 30/11/2019 desk research of existing data and analysis of literature as well as identification of good practices and success stories was done. Then on-line surveys and interviews, both among the representatives of target groups and actual/potential employers of hearing impaired people were carried out. As a following step the curriculum for hearing impaired people was also developed to help them find themselves in the labour market environment. One of the most useful tool that was elaborated during the project life cycle was E-Learning Platform containing:

  1. Open educational resources (OER) - presenting the survey and competence gap analysis’ results as well as the finalised proHear training tools and a step-by-step description of the delivery of pilot training workshops.
  2. Training guide and instructions for hearing impaired people (both developed as a document and video with sign language translation);
  3. Innovative training content in all partner languages;
  4. Network for trainers/counsellors for exchange of experience and good practices.


The last but not least product was The proHear Empowerment Kit that is aimed to mitigate the state of “vulnerability” of hearing impaired people on the labour market and to improve the degree of their social inclusion through employment. Along with acquiring key skills and competences needed on the labour market and on the workplace the project will try to provide a “trigger” for empowerment, motivation, and activation.

The project ends in December this year. We have done really great job! A lot of thanks to all partners for their commitment and fruitful work. All the results of our activities can be seen on this website.