On June 26 and July 5, LDC Valakupiai Rehabilitation Center (VRC) organized Info Days regarding the ongoing project " Improving the Employability of People with Hearing Impairments - proHear ".

One of these events took place in the VRC itself, and the second event was organized at the Vilnius Deaf Rehabilitation Centre (VKRC). During both events, we presented the aim and the objectives of the project, the planned and already reached aims in Lithuania and other partner countries. In addition to this, we introduced the deaf community with the services and the opportunities offered by the VRC to acquire a new specialty.

We are delighted that the event organized by the VRC was attended by professionals working with people with hearing impairments as well as other specialists who were actively involved in the discussion regarding the improvement of employability opportunities and job retention of the target group of people.

During the Info Day, which was organized by the VKRC, there were also quite a few questions asked by the deaf community. People with hearing impairments not only learned about the project’s implementation, but also welcomed amazing results of the project, such as a large proportion of young people with hearing impairments reaching higher education and being employed full-time.

Events like this give us the desire to believe that the work we do is meaningful and gives strength to new similar activities.